The CalAsian Foundation

Building the next generation of AAPI leaders and empowering today’s AAPI changemakers.

Equipping and Empowering The AAPI Community

Since 2010, the CalAsian Foundation has worked with leaders from California’s most influential companies to accelerate the success of the local, state, and national AAPI community.

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Designed for Excellence

Our programs deliver professional leadership development, critical education and training, and promote civic engagement.

Geared for Influence

We empower the AAPI community with the training, knowledge, and connections to ensure our voices are heard and impact is felt.

Driving Change

We are creating a pipeline of leaders who will influence and positively change outcomes in our communities.

Our Programs

These programs have been specifically designed by CalAsian to help AAPI leaders, entrepreneurs, and organizations gain access to development training and resources.

Empower Corporate U

Empower Corporate U is intended to help re-engage staff members. We will do this by creating a means for staff members to find meaning and fulfillment in their work. We will explore creating and restoring healthy working relationships. We will breakdown myths and offer new insights that will create a more satisfying work environment.

Empower U

Catalyst Leadership Program

This program aims to develop and connect the Sacramento region’s diverse emerging leaders. During the program, participants will expand their individual leadership and management skills, create meaningful relationships with emerging leaders across different industries, and gain insight from the experiences of established community leaders.



Connecting AAPI entrepreneurs and business owners with insight, training, and 1:1 support on the process of pursuing political office, appointments, committees, and to become civically engaged in politics.


NextGen Empower U

A three-month program designed to empower the next generation of AAPI college students and young professionals to discover and develop their own definition of life success through relationship building, creating a personalized toolkit through education, navigating their career throughout their lifetime, and generating wealth to create financial independence.

NextGen Empower U

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