Rosie Day Spa

September 12, 20225 Minutes

Established as a skincare business in Sacramento since 1995, Rosie Day Spa has been providing specialized spa services for 25 years. The skincare spa specializes in facial treatments, therapeutic massage, body wellness, waxing, and eyelash extensions. Rosie Day Spa has had a long-standing reputation for creating a professional, calming and classy environment for spa services located in the Pocket neighborhood of Sacramento, California.

For the first time since its founding 25 years ago, Rosie Day Spa had to shut down in March 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rosie Ho, the owner of Rosie Day Spa, was faced with continuous losses that resulted from the need to cover rent, utilities, and other operating expenses for an entire year without incoming revenues from clients. Despite being overwhelmed with her business losses and the fear of never re-opening her business again, Rosie gained confidence in applying for the California Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant Program (CA Small Business Relief Grant) with the help of the CalAsian Chamber’s Sacramento Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) COVID-19 Specialty Center.

As a result of receiving technical assistance from the Center and one-on-one consultations with business advisors to support the challenges Rosie faced from the pandemic, Rosie successfully applied for and received a grant from the CA Small Business Relief Grant. With the support of the MBDA Cares Act Sacramento Center team, Rosie adapted and faced her challenges as a small business owner, and no longer faces the fear of closing her business of 25 years.

She stated, “It was very encouraging and hopeful that during this challenging time, I received a variety of technical assistance from area professionals and the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) COVID-19 Specialty Center team. The staff came together and volunteered their time and knowledge which was so helpful to the business.”

As of April 2021, Rosie was able to reopen Rosie Day Spa, with modifications following the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. Although Rosie Day Spa adheres to the safety guidelines, recovery has been slow with several clients reluctant to return, but steady. However, a stronger Rosie continues to work with the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) COVID-19 Specialty Center in order to help her business recover from the challenging year prior. The Center has worked hand in hand with Rosie in order to provide her the assistance needed in order to revamp her marketing efforts and attract new clients into her spa. Through working with the Center, Rosie was able to obtain a promotional video for her business and was given additional guidance on how to successfully incorporate this marketing material into a digital marketing strategy.

Unsure of how to establish her business online, the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) COVID-19 Specialty Center provided Rosie Ho with a digital marketing toolkit and one on one consultations in order to guide her on her journey to recover her business. The Center also hosted a three-part digital marketing bootcamp, in which a group of five businesses, including Rosie Day Spa, were given the opportunity to learn about building an attractive website, creating consistent branding, and utilizing Facebook and Instagram for business growth. The Center continues to work with Rosie, providing her one-on-one consultations in order to aid with all of her digital marketing needs.

“As a minority woman-owned business, I am very grateful that the CalAsian Chamber team navigated, supported, and provided the help that I needed,” Rosie mentioned. “It has saved my business of 25 years. Thank you so much to Glenn Fujii for all of the well-organized webinars and follow-up support.”

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