Port Labs

Port Labs is here to connect. We do the work of researching and maintaining connections in the local region so that founders don't have to use their precious time doing so. These connections are investors, suppliers, experts, communities, and other startup support organizations. We are not greedy with our information, and instead work hard to have an inclusive, equitable environment where those willing to – learn, try, then repeat over and over – are given as much information as possible to succeed! We focus on Climate Innovation, ECommerce, and Hardware product support.

Every entrepreneur needs a support network. It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a community to launch a startup to success. There is a saying – "Your Network is your Net Worth." which highlights how important it is to be in a supportive environment with the best team you can assemble to tackle a problem in the real world. We are one of many options for entrepreneurs to have that supportive environment and build that Network, all while focusing on their unique problem to solve.