It’s National Write to Congress Day! Here’s What You Can Do

January 3, 20231 Minutes


January 3 is National Write to Congress Day! This day occurs each year as a reminder to use your voice and connect with your representative. Small business owners can use this opportunity to reach out to their elected representatives regarding any bills or legislation that might affect them. Keep reading to learn more.

History of National Write to Congress Day

Each year, the Constitution provides a set time for the new Congress to convene, which is 12:00 p.m. on January 3, except when the previous Congress designated a different day by law. National Write to Congress Day is set on this day to coincide with the constitutional opening day of each new Congress. This holiday encourages citizens to connect with their representatives and fulfill their duty to hold their elected officials accountable.

How to Get in Touch

Click the below links to get in touch with your representatives!

California Legislative Information

Federal Congresspersons:
Find my Representative
Directory of Representatives
Find my Senator

State Congresspersons
Find your California Representative

To get more involved in public policy efforts led by the CalAsian Chamber, you can learn more HERE, or subscribe to our policy newsletter HERE.

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