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Small Business Grants: February 2023

It's no secret that small business owners face many challenges, and new ones each year. To help businesses get the financial support they need,…

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3 New Laws Small Businesses in California Should Know

A new year means new laws will go into effect across California. Small business owners need to be prepared for these changes and know what to expect. Here are just three of the new state laws: State…

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Reflections from CalAsian’s Past Board Chair

California is home to an impressive network of statewide leaders who advocate for our diverse business communities. At the California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce, we are proud to have several…

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It’s National Write to Congress Day! Here’s What You Can Do

  January 3 is National Write to Congress Day! This day occurs each year as a reminder to use your voice and connect with your representative. Small business owners can use this opportunity to…

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4 Questions About Climate Change in California

California is the leading U.S. state in climate change efforts. On September 30, 2022, the CalAsian Chamber hosted a virtual Meet & Greet with California Air Resources Board (CARB) Chair, Liane…

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Q&A with Board Member Jason Chan

The CalAsian Chamber is advised and led by a Board of Directors with invaluable insight across all industries. One of these voices is Jason Chan, the Director of External Affairs at AT&T. Jason…

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